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Back-To-School Skincare With Dermalogica Clear Start

Back-To-School Skincare With Dermalogica Clear Start

Back-To-School Skincare with Dermalogica Clear Start

Back-to-SchoolSummer is coming to an end and before we know it school is in session. Getting your kiddies ready for school is super important. Especially when it comes to getting them new supplies that’s important for them to be that “over achiever”. One thing that parents have a hard time picking out is proper skin care for their teens. Keeping acne under control is simple and shouldn’t be stressful. Putting your teen on a proper skin regimen can also eliminate one more stress off them as well.

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Another school year has started and many parents are preparing their kids for what we hope to be a great year.  Yes, you will need the school supplies, the new shoes, and clothes but don’t forget about the most important part and that is your teen’s skin.

Many studies have been published regarding skin and acne with a recent study indicating that 85% of all teenagers suffer from acne and that acne affects over 50 million Americans.  When acne strikes adults and teens its effect can include low self-esteem, social isolation, loneliness and it can even cause anxiety, phobias or depression.  It’s important to have an effective plan to combat acne and to overcome the harmful psychological effects it has on teenagers.  Treating acne should be every teen and parent’s first line of defense.

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Back to school season means more exposure to germs and dirt. Make sure you pack some portable cleansing wipes into your supply kit.  If you’ve neglected your skin all summer and you want to be looking your best for the first day of school, start today! Changes to the skin don’t happen overnight, no matter what the advertisers tell you.  Make sure to use a cleanser that both cleanses and exfoliates without stripping or irritating the skin. If you’re not allergic, cleansers containing alpha-hydroxyl acids or fruit enzymes are the best for exfoliation. Products with rough granules are not appropriate for anyone’s face.

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Why exfoliate? Hormonal fluctuations and rapid cell turnover cause dead skin cells to accumulate on the skin, trapping dirt and bacteria. You need to gently remove this layer to ensure the brightest, healthiest skin possible. Try to stay away from products that contain harmful and irritating chemicals, such as formaldehyde & alcohol. For girls, this includes your makeup. A good makeup that does not contain fillers, parabens, or fragrance is the best. Plus, there are great skincare products out there that don’t contain harmful chemicals.

Do use products that contain skin-strengthening antioxidants like vitamin c, grape seed extracts, vitamin e and more. Many people consider these to be anti-aging, but they are also useful for sensitive teenage skin that needs an extra boost due to stress and environmental factors.

If you suffer from persistent acne, over-washing and using strong chemicals on your skin will probably do more harm than goodIrritating acne-prone skin just promotes an environment that allows bacteria to enter into the pore, starting the cycle all over again. Make sure your anti-acne regimen includes products that calm, soothe and moisturize as well as treat!

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If you’re unsure about what’s best for you or your teens skin, come on by and see us. All teens receive back-to-school skin care tips, including a FREE consultation about what’s right for them!!