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Heart Centered Family Medicine

Heart Centered Family Medicine

Welcome to Heart Centered Family Medicine


I have joined Dr. Andrea Ramsay, M.D. at her practice Heart Centered Family Medicine, adding this as my 3rd location in Sunrise.   Dr. Ramsay represents the basic principles of traditional medicine, but also integrates alternative treatments, mental health, and physical training/wellness. In other words treating the whole patient; the mind, body and spirit in such a way that honors the practice of medicine but also finds the added benefits of healing the individual as a whole!

My addition will focus on Rejuvenation and Wellness; I will help you achieve the results you desire for your personal image.  We will recommend treatments we feel are right for you based upon our assessment of your goals, concerns and past medical history.

Rejuvenation and Wellness will include:

Botox Cosmetics        Facial Fillers    Chemical Peels           Permanent Makeup    Massage Therapy       Facials

Call 954 797-3887 to schedule a free consultation with me.



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